Medicinal Plants

It is my belief that all plants are medicinal. It’s just that we don’t yet know what the medicinal uses are. Shamans from indigenous tribes of the world would travel on hallucinogenic journeys and be told the uses for the plants, however this knowledge is dying out and now it is in laboratories that the plants are dissected and transformed into their molecules for medicines.

Ancient knowledge does come down the line and there is still some around. Grandmothers, mothers, healers, witches, bush doctors and shamans still hold very important information. It won’t be there forever if we don’t preserve it, so collect it, right it down and share it.

Plants grow for us. Look around you, notice what is growing. There is a chance there is something in those plants that you need. The humans of the earth are becoming more and more reliant on the pharmaceutical alternatives for ailments that don’t require them. It has become a marketing gold mine for these companies.

There are natural, simple alternatives. The break down of the family unit and the distance between people means that these remedies are not passed down and lost forever.  Over my lifetime I have studied plants and found some that stand out as incredibly helpful to humans.  I will keep adding to this list over time.

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