Sekhmet Healing Ancient Plant Medicine for Modern Day ailments. Oregano oil for profound healing.


Origanum spp

Perennial plants native to Europe, North Africa and western and central Asia.

These herbs are known to have been valued as long ago as the days of ancient Egypt when sweet marjoram was a common garden plant, used in perfumery oils and for the treatment of minor ailments. Throughout history their medicinal properties related to the ‘warming’ effect, and they are prescribed as stimulants and strengtheners of the head and stomach, capable of combating poison, curing consumption, stimulating appetite, provoking urine and menstruation, overcoming deafness and a wide range of ailments.

Today Origanums, more than ever are again being hailed as very effective medicine for modern day health problems. They contain strong anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-viral compounds and may boost immune system, help digestion and increase energy levels. Steam inhalation for the relief of colds and flu and chest rub containing few drops of oil mixed with carrier oil may ease respiratory symptoms.

Origanums can be grown from seed but that is a slow way. Division of a healthy clump is a better alternative. Oregano like other Mediterranean herbs require well-drained alkaline soils and a nice sunny position Protect from frost. When choosing a plant to grown taste a leaf for flavour and pungency to determine which plant to grow.

Always skin test before using oregano oil to make sure you do not react and avoid during pregnancy or using on infants under two years old.

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